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PT ARCistec international

Arcistec started supplying mining dewatering pumps as Tru-Flo Exclusive distributor since 2011, while also providing conventional lighting plants and other minor auxiliary support equipment to major mining companies in Indonesia. Now, Arcistec expands our services to more specific sales supports on Tru-Flo dewatering pumps which delivers high added value to benefit clients even more. Prudent product selection has been made to ensure product performance and reliability. Below are several key benefits of our  on-site sales support:

  • On-site supports to ensure performance as previously committed.
  • On-site or off-site commissioning and training to customer, in regard to operating and maintaining the pumps.
  • On-site equipment audits to ensure each equipment is running at its highest performance.
  • The list still goes on…

In order to optimize maintenance cost, Arcistec also provides services of rebuilding and providing exchange components or spare parts for the pumps. We also experience in assisting clients as a contractor for water management projects.

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